The chosen whereabouts – Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological museum, located in Kaunas, Lithuania. All the time while drawing sketches, photographing the place, observing visitors, I had been exploring these surroundings. I desired to find the right proportions of this lively, volatile crowd of visitors and the space surrounding them. Reviewing all the visual material I discovered quite the opposite process. The process, in which visitors are the ones being observed by mysterious jackstraws, through the panes of glass. This is how the inspiration to paint the series "Parallels“ came to me.

The painting series "Parallels“ – a border between the reality and fiction. Even though I have created reality of my own, I can not call it fiction, since it has a clear connection with reality. When a human and an animal become somewhat identic, yet they pass by each other in the space and time, it is parallels. This exact relation is realized on the canvas. In almost all of the drawings, humans are portrayed with the help of the lines and silhouettes. All the attention is spared to the exhibits, animals, in which I had moved some little wild spirits. Even though a jackstraw is in no way a sign of life, in my paintings they become alive. They can now observe their own spectators. The whereabouts of the museum are extremely essential in these series. The excursions and separate groups of people, as well as the world of animals, create the breath-taking, live, volatile space.